U-Bahn-DefibrillatorenSince late 2013, there has been at least one automatic defibrillator (AED) at all 100 underground stations in Munich; a total of 108 devices. The AEDs are housed in the new MVG (Munich Transportation Corporation) emergency points, together with all the rail system’s safety equipment. The defibrillators can be removed from the emergency points and also used by medical novices in an emergency. Automatic defibrillators are needed to return the fatal ventricular fibrillation back to a normal pulse as quickly as possible to save lives. This is achieved through the electrical shock that the defibrillator automatically administers upon applying its electrodes. The device will only administer the shock if ventricular fibrillation is present. With the AED, it is impossible for even a medical novice to cause any harm – their assistance can only be of help. All the defibrillators found in the Munich underground system were donated by the organization “München gegen den plötzlichen Herztod e.V.” (Munich against sudden cardiac death). The group is supported by doctors of the Burgstrasse Practice and the HGZ Cardiovascular Center; Dr. Matula is its chairman. Further information can be downloaded as a PDF.

Defibrillator-Standorte im Münchener U-BahnnetzDownloads

PDF Download: Defibrillator locations in Munich Underground System (German; 140 KB)

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