Cardiac catheterization tests are necessary to check the patency of coronary arteries. The examinations are carried out by doctors of the cardiology practice in the Nymphenburg Cardiac Catheterization Lab at the Dritter Orden Clinic. Prof. Busch, Dr. Rampp and Dr. Matula have more than twenty years experience in diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterization. Examinations typically last around 20-30 minutes, are painless and are carried out under local anesthetic. At the end of the examination, the doctor will inform the patient of the results.

The film of the coronary vessels will be viewed together. If a balloon catheter and stent implant are necessary, these can be handled at the time. Cardiac catheterization tests can be carried out as an outpatient or during a stay; a balloon catheter and stent implants require a stay in the clinic of 2-3 days.